Race Day Nutrition Clinic

Race day nutrition can either make or break your performance on race day. While this seems to be common knowledge, how many people really have a solid plan? Most athletes have a plan that they tweak constantly through trial and error until they find something that works. Others might have a loose plan they follow and some do not have a plan at all. While personal trial and error is needed to create a plan, having someone with experience and education in the field act as a sounding board and resource is important, especially for long distance events when things don't always go according to plan...

I believe education is key, along side working as a team to create a plan that is effective, customized and has a 'plan B' too, just in case. The plan does not only include race day, it also includes the week leading to the race and the days following the event, along side various strategies to implement in training.

If you are experiencing difficulties dialling in your race day nutrition, or if you do not have any specific issues, but you would like to learn more about race day nutrition and have full confidence in your plan, I have a new clinic for you.

So, how does this work?

We will work on developing your race day nutrition plan in a small group setting. The format is 4 weeks, meeting once weekly (~60 minutes) for a group discussion around sports nutrition and race day nutrition principles. You will get a chance to interact with other athletes and get all your questions answered. You will get 'homework', to be done between meetings in the form of various worksheets, specific strategies to try in training and race day specific nutrition problems to solve.

In addition to the weekly meetings, there will be a forum set up for everyone to share their experience with the rest of the group between meetings and for any questions that might come up.

What will you get by the end of this experience?

  • Detailed handouts to explain the 'why' behind your race day nutrition strategy
  • Relevant worksheets to determine hydration, electrolyte, fueling needs, etc
  • The 'how' - Your race day fuel, hydration, electrolyte needs, timing on intake and anything else that is relevant
  • Pre race meals and hydration for the week leading up to your event
  • Product analysis and recommendations to suit individual needs and preference
  • Anything else that might be relevant to your race day nutrition plan (eg. heat/humidity acclimation, travel nutrition, etc)

Dates & Cost

The clinic will start during the first week of May, 2012. The actual day each meeting takes place on is TBA. Since group size is to be kept small so individual attention can be provided, I am certainly open to day and time suggestions. Cost is $90 +HST.

While the program does involve face to face meetings, an online based program is available also, so you do not need to be in Victoria to take part in this clinic. It is appropriate for endurance athletes competing in events lasting longer than 3 hours.

Interested? Have questions? Get in touch! Feedback is appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you!

Note: Additional nutrition clinics and talks will be announced shortly, including the return of the popular 'Gluten Free Athlete' talk.

Zucchini, mango & avocado salad with beet chips

Zucchini, mango & avocado salad with beet chips

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