Ambassador Program

The Fueling Endurance Performance ambassador program is now live! How exciting is that?! I have gotten quite a few emails about it and now all the information is finally available. I believe that behind every great project, there is a team of people that make it extra super crazy awesome. This book venture is no exception... So I need YOU! Every single one of the recipes I create gets ‘tested’ on athletes. Some of those athletes are recreational, some are advanced age groupers and some are elites. The feedback they provide me with is valuable and I am grateful to have a few amazing athletes that will gladly try (almost) any of my (sometimes random) kitchen creations.

My goal is to create a community where athletes help other athletes succeed. The athletes I want to have on board need to be passionate about sports nutrition, performance and health. I don't care about ability level as long as you have got the passion (because as you might know, you can't coach or teach that. Right?).

Click HERE for the information you need to apply. If you have any questions, get in touch!

Almond butter cookies

Almond butter cookies

Simple Kale slaw