A taste of aloha as recovery fuel

A taste of aloha as recovery fuel

Poke bowls seem to be all the rage these days and for good reason! If you have been to Hawaii, I am sure you tried Poke or at least seen it around, right? For those of you who haven't, a poke bowl is cubed raw fish in different sauces, served in a bowl over rice. Simple, wholesome and delicious! 


For us Vancouverites, there is a great new place which is conveniently located a very short walk from my home, called Pacific Poke. They have their own set menu creations, or you can play chef and make your own bowl! You start with a base, which is a choice between white rice, brown rice, quinoa or kale. Then you pick your fish, various sauces and toppings to finish it off. As a side note, all their sauces, etc are gluten free, making it easy for a 'glutard' such as myself. 

I think it is clear why this is a great post workout snack, right? You get carbs, good quality protein and some veggies, especially if you combine rice and kale for your base instead of picking just one! I personally opt for while rice as its so easy to digest, especially after a workout, and I generally find it easier on my tummy. The Poke bowl is a filling, delicious and satisfying meal, yet it doesn't feel heavy in your stomach, not to mention that the ingredients are all fresh and wholesome.

If you are in Vancouver, you should time it so you can give them a try after your next workout. Otherwise, check to see if you can find a similar place in your city! Have you tried Poke as post workout recovery fuel? 

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