In the middle of November 2011, I purchased my first DSLR (Canon 60D), with one basic lens. Soon after, I got 2 more lenses, and then 2 more. I really sucked at first. I had no idea how to use my camera with anything other than the 'auto' settings, my editing skills were non existing and in all honesty, it was really too much camera for me. I realized pretty fast that it is not as easy as having a good camera and lenses. Food photography (and photography in general) is complex! Over the last few years, I learned a lot. I started following other photographers, read everything I could get my hands on, practiced almost daily and while I still have a lot more to learn about my camera, different lenses, picture composition, lighting, editing, etc (the list goes on and on...), I think I have been getting better. Most importantly, I am really enjoying it!

If you see a picture you like on this site, you can contact me to:

  • License it for private or commercial use
  • Get a print or canvas for your home, office or as a gift
  • Get postcards or greeting cards printed
  • Anything else!

This goes for any of my pictures, not just food photography. Most of my food shots can be found on FoodGawker, while other pictures can be found on 500px, throughout this site and on Facebook

If you like my pictures and want to use them, thank you! I am very flattered. However, please get in touch first as all images are protected. Thank you!