Fueling Endurance Performance is part inspiration to get athletes in the kitchen, part sport nutrition services for athletes of all ability levels and part sports nutrition education in progress. My goal is to empower athletes to learn how to cook easy, fast and nourishing meals, using good quality ingredients to help them fuel their training, recovery and racing. Welcome!

Hi there! My name is Noa Deutsch. I'm a 30 something endurance coach, sport nutritionist & bike fitter. I'm also a wannabe photographer and self taught cook. I love my career, chocolate, bacon, coffee, wine, food, fast modes of transportation, memorable adventures, random pretty things and everything blue, with some splashes of pink thrown in for good measure.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, which I absolutely love for its great endurance community, fantastic local coffee, local produce, the ocean, mountains and the endless trails.

I have been a part of the triathlon, running and cycling worlds since 1993. Before that, I was a competitive swimmer. I raced as a junior & U23 elite triathlete before severe over-training & disordered eating led to a diagnosis with chronic fatigue Syndrome, which cut my athletic career short. I have and will continue to dedicate my career to help athletes and make sure something like this does not happen to another athlete.

I grew up in Israel, studied in New Zealand and now live in Canada, where I started PT Performance Training in the summer of 2006, Fueling Endurance Performance aka Real Fuel Nutrition in the spring of 2013 and EmpowerHER Cycling in 2017. I graduated with a sport coaching (and sport science) bachelors degree from the Christchurch College of Education (Canterbury University) in 2005, then completed the gold standard, prestigious IOC post graduate diploma in sports nutrition in 2009, as well as other relevant certifications. I even taught sport & fitness nutrition at Camosun College for a few semesters... I help athletes of all ability levels, from recreational to Olympians, with coaching, bike fitting, nutrition and a lot more. 

I love cooking, baking and experimenting in the kitchen and I am pretty excited to be able to combine that hobby with my work! To make things better, I am able to use my (long lost?) creative side photographing the recipes I create. All recipes are gluten free (it is a necessity for me), using organic and/or local ingredients whenever possible. I try to practice what I preach when it comes to nutrition and incorporate my creativity, passion, education and practical experience into my recipes, the solutions I provide athletes, etc.

Want to learn more about me? Here’s a more lengthy bio, including all professional designations and relevant experience. You can also read about my personal CFS story, for a bit more background info and I even have a site that is the main 'hub' for all my various projects and other adventures.

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health”  ~Hippocrates

You want to fuel both your body and mind for peak performance, optimal health, weight management, more energy, etc. It is common knowledge that nutrition is an important aspect of training and racing, but the role of the sport nutritionist isn't always clear... It is a relatively new science that is constantly evolving and there aren't many around who have specific sport nutrition education and experience. 

Here are just a few examples of how a sport nutritionist can help you:

  • Fuel your training and recovery by creating a custom crafted nutrition plan that takes into account your goals, individual needs and training program
  • Achieve your personal ‘optimal’ body composition for general health and the the demands of your chosen sport (as well as weight gain or loss)
  • Plan fuel, fluid and other nutrition needs when you travel for races, training camps, etc
  • Plan your race day nutrition needs
  • Plan for your nutrition needs while traveling and training and/or racing in various extreme environments such as altitude, heat, cold, etc
  • Learn to shop, cook and plan your meals effectively
  • Learn about food quality and the impact it has on your health and performance
  • Strategies for sleep, illness, injury, inflammation, recovery and training adaptation, as well as nutrient timing and periodization 

As a sport nutritionist, I use research based sports nutrition principles while keeping your personal needs, preferences, nutrition and athletic history and goals in mind. My goal is to educate and give you the tools you need to fuel your performance so you are able to make smart choices to improve your health, increase your energy levels, strength, endurance, speed, etc.